Craft Templates

Free Crafts to Do At Home

Here are some free downloadable templates and instructions for various crafts. Full instructions are available in the referenced books and we will be creating video demos for select crafts with more complex instructions.

This page will be expanded with more crafts over time!

Introduction to Papercraft by Melanie Ouimet
This PDF provides tips on making papercrafts and links to some papercrafts you can make at home.

sailor v mask template preview Craft Foam Sailor V Masks
(original template by Emily Gonsalves)

Cut out of paper and trace onto craft foam. Then, you can decorate your mask any way you like. To wear the mask, you can punch holes in the sides and attach elastic thread or string, or you can glue one side to a stick to hold next to the face.

stretchy fish craft preview

Stretchy Skeleton Fish
(based on a craft from Paper Tricks by Florence Temko [this is out of print but you can also check out Paper Tricks II])

It’s recommended to cut the overall outline before decorating. Then fold in half again and cut the “ribs” in the middle. You may want to decorate on the back side so you don’t see the outlines through your decoration.

picture frame craft preview Cardboard Picture Frames
(based on a craft from Gifts Kids Can Make by Sheila McGraw)

This has been upsized to fit 4″ x 6″ photos.

This craft requires making cardboard pieces as indicated and a paper cover for the back plus a paper or fabric cover for the front.

The original craft includes instructions for a stand to put on the back, but you can just use the pieces indicated and add some magnet strips to the back instead.

water lily craft preview

Unfolding Water Lily
(based on a craft from Magic Toys, Tricks and Illusions by Eric Kenneway)

Cut out, decorate, and fold each petal in a clockwise direction. Tuck the last petal under the first. Place the folded flower into a bowl of water and wait patiently for it to open/unfold on its own (takes 20+ minutes).

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