What’s On

Watch episodes of anime series featuring magical girls and awesome female characters, show off your cosplay, buy awesome Sailor Moon and anime goods, play fun video games, attend panels and presentations, dance up a storm, make fantastic new friends and more!

Past Programming

We have had a variety of programming in the past. For reference: our 2018 schedule is hereour 2017 schedule is here and our 2016 schedule is here.

Some of our previous programming items included:

  • Sailor Moon Classic versus Sailor Moon Crystal discussion panel
  • Speedfriending
  • Capture the Rose (a capture the flag style game)
  • Giant chess (must be familiar with the rules of chess)
  • Trivia contest
  • Masquerade costume contest
  • Anime video screenings
  • Q&A sessions with Voice Actor Guests
  • Advice panel on How to Become a Voice Actor
  • LGBTQ Representation in Sailor Moon and other anime
  • Lots of crafts including button making, colouring, paper folding, felt crafts, no sew tutus, craft foam masks, etc.

Programming Wanted for Our Next Event

We are looking for people to run the following programming items so that we can include them in this year’s schedule. Feel free to propose other ideas as well – we’re always open to hearing new ideas!

  • Pretty Heroes Pictionary
  • Name That Tune (this can be Sailor Moon specific or magical girl specific)
  • Tea duels
  • Parasol duels
  • Sailor Moon Classic versus Crystal
  • Cardcaptor Sakura Classic versus Clear Card
  • Makeup workshop
  • Video dance party
  • Magical girl trivia
  • Capture the Rose (a capture the flag style game)

Programming Proposals

Want to run an activity? Sign up to be a panelist or activity leader using the form below. The majority of programming should be family friendly for viewing, but participation is generally geared to teens and up. PG-13 rating can be discussed as needed.

For crafts and workshops that require materials that attendees get to keep, we will cover the cost of materials within a specific budget. Please ask for more details if you are interested.

You MUST supply contact information (email preferred) or we will not be able to contact you. If you are not sure we received all your details, then e-mail us to follow up.

Panelists and activity leaders are eligible for discounts in a similar level to volunteer hours. Programming that requires advance preparation will have extra time accounted for toward your discount. You can also request to be comped a shopping pass for the day of your panel/activity instead of a discounted full access day or weekend pass. We will let you know if your proposal is eligible for a comped shopping pass on a case by case basis.