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Watch episodes of anime series featuring magical girls and awesome female characters, show off your cosplay, buy awesome girl power and fandom related goods, play fun video games, attend panels and presentations, dance up a storm, make fantastic new friends and more!

Click Here for the November 28-29, 2020
Pretty Heroes Online Schedule with Links!

Programming Expected Outside of Our Online Con Dates (To Be Scheduled)

  • Interview with Indigenous Artists Maems and Tawny (recorded)
  • Sailor Moon Merchandise (presentation) (recorded)
  • Craft Demo: Making a Photo Frame (recorded)
  • Craft Demo: Origami/Paper Folding (recorded) — multiple demo slots available!
  • Embracing Imperfections for Female Empowerment (panel discussion) — more panelists wanted
  • Book Club: Discussion of Favourite Manga Series with Strong Female Characters — more panelists wanted
  • Book Club: Discussion of Favourite Novels with Strong Female Characters — more panelists wanted
  • Movie Club: Discussion of Favourite Movies with Strong Female Characters — more panelists wanted
  • Sailor Moon: 25 Years and Counting (panel discussion) — more panelists wanted
  • She-ra Discussion Panel — more panelists wanted
  • Fanfiction Writing and Storytelling Mechanics (recorded) — more panelists wanted
  • Japanese Culture Over the Years (presentation) (recorded) — more panelists wanted
  • How To Build An E-Store with WooCommerce (workshop) (live)
  • The Rise of the Pretty Hero: Strong Female Characters in Fandom (presentation)
  • Sailor Moon Hair Tutorial (recorded)

We Are Also Looking For:

  • Cooking demos
  • Craft demos
  • Makeup demos
  • Dance/idol group showcases (show us a dance, introduce your group!)
  • Steampunk introduction panel/presentation
  • Artist/Cosplayer interviews — we conduct the interviews, you either suggest yourself or an artist/cosplayer you’d like to see interviewed

Please, feel free to make other suggestions as well of content you would like to participate in as a panelist/presenter/activity leader.

If you are interested in running programming to be featured on our YouTube or Twitch channels, please email us with the following:

  • Name(s) to be displayed with programming
  • Programming title and description (title only if choosing any from the list below to join)
  • Length of programming item — YouTube videos are typically 15-60 minutes, Twitch streams are flexible
  • If you want your programming to be pre-recorded or live
  • Will you be advertising any charities or items you have for sale?

Please note that pre-recorded items must be submitted at least 3 days in advance to be uploaded and scheduled for posting.

Priority will be give to programming rated G or PG. Other items will be considered on a case by case basis and may be required to have a language/content warning as applicable.

While we are primarily looking to fill time on November 28-29, 2020 at the moment, we welcome content proposals for other dates and times as well.

Discounts on our merchandise and/or event passes can be discussed for any online programming that is 30+ minutes in length.

Programming Wanted for Future Events

We are looking for people to run a variety of programming items that we can include in our next event’s schedule. Feel free to propose other options as well – we’re always open to hearing new ideas!

  • Pretty Heroes Pictionary
  • Name That Tune (this can be franchise specific or magical girl specific)
  • Tea duels
  • Parasol duels
  • Sailor Moon Classic versus Crystal
  • Cardcaptor Sakura Classic versus Clear Card
  • Fruits Basket comparison of the animes and manga
  • Makeup workshop
  • Video dance party
  • Magical girl trivia
  • Capture the Rose (a capture the flag style game)
  • Women in STEM
  • Female representation in comics/video games/anime
  • Female professionals in various industries (we prefer these to have multiple panelists for a variety of viewpoints)
  • Japanese cultural panels
  • Various interactive craft workshops (materials will be provided or reimbursed within budget, please ask for more details)

If you’re interested in leading any programming, please sign up to be a panelist or activity leader using our form. The majority of programming should be family friendly for viewing, but participation is generally geared to teens and up. PG-13 rating can be discussed as needed.

Please note that a free badge is NOT guaranteed for running a single panel or workshop. Currently, we typically only offer a discount of $10 per hour contributed plus one hour for prep for slide deck presentations and/or specialized preparation (please discuss with us to see if your prep qualifies). Specialized performances may qualify for free admission; these are assessed on a case by case basis.

Discounts will be up to a free badge (or badges, if applicable). We do not pay cash for amounts in excess of the cost of your badge(s). Extra prizes or discounts off Pretty Heroes merchandise can be discussed if budget allows and your contribution would credit you for an amount beyond your badge cost, but these are not guaranteed.

If you prefer to run programming virtually versus in person, please indicate that on your application.

Want to lead any programming items at Pretty Heroes 2021? Please apply here.

2019 Programming Recap:

Want to know what our programming is like? Our 2019 program guide is here.


Get out your best Sailor Moon and girl power costumes because our judges can’t wait to see them. Bear Sailor Moon returned as our Master of Ceremonies and our lovely judges were our cosplay guests of honour.

Contestants were judged on a point system in multiple categories and our judges selected multiple winners based on who gets the most points (and how many entries we had in the contest). All cosplay experience levels were welcome.

NEW: we also allowed entrants who only want to compete on a performance basis without workmanship judging.

Charity Auction in Support of Sistering

In addition to collecting items for donation to Sistering, we conducted a charity auction to raise funds to be donated to Sistering. There was a variety of items available for bidding on and charity receipts were available from Sistering on request. Cash sales only.

We raised $714 in support of Sistering in 2019 and supplemented that with a $100 donation from Pretty Heroes.


Past Programming

We have had a variety of programming in the past. For reference: our 2018 schedule is hereour 2017 schedule is here and our 2016 schedule is here.

Some of our previous programming items included:

  • Sailor Moon Classic versus Sailor Moon Crystal discussion panel
  • Speedfriending
  • Capture the Rose (a capture the flag style game)
  • Giant chess (must be familiar with the rules of chess)
  • Trivia contest
  • Masquerade costume contest
  • Anime video screenings
  • Q&A sessions with Highlight Guests
  • Advice panel on How to Become a Voice Actor
  • LGBTQ Representation in Sailor Moon and other anime
  • Mental health panel featuring experts working in mental health professions
  • Lots of crafts including button making, colouring, paper folding, felt crafts, no sew tutus, craft foam masks, etc.