Stavvy Cosplay – Cosplay Guest of Honour

Stavroula, (Stavvy Cosplay) has been cosplaying for the past five years and is best known for her Disney cosplays and makeup skills. Stavvy enjoys creating makeup looks and sourcing materials for cosplays. She frequently attends local conventions and loves meeting new people. Her friendly demeanour and the attention to detail she strives for, has her fans saying she is a “real life” Disney Princess. She is known for always taking the time to talk to fans, pose for photos and offer any advice she can give.

Stavvy Cosplay has blossomed and continues to reach new heights with an ever growing Instagram presence. She is always looking for the next cosplay and enjoys working with various costume designers, photographers, and other cosplayers to capture the essence of the character she is cosplaying. Stavvy is a lover of comics and video games (FOR THE HORDE!) and hopes to add more characters from these realms to her cosplay repertoire!

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