SeaVeela – Cosmodel Guest of Honour

Courtney (SeaVeela) is an actress, makeup artist, cosplay model, and owner of Pixie Dust Co LLC; a premium character company based out of Colorado.

She is also a sponsored American cosplayer whose background in dancing and acting has enabled her to better connect with and embody her characters. She has been active internationally at cons for the past couple of years and has been forever changed and inspired by the members of the community at the different events she has participated in.

From a young age, SeaVeela was fascinated by the bright colours, magical lands, and strong female driven story lines and heroines she found in the form of classic Disney and anime. From the swashbuckling pirates in Neverland to the unshakeable sisterhood of the characters in Sailor Moon she was absolutely captivated by the magic and adventure taking place before her on her family’s TV set.

Ever the chameleon, SeaVeela can easily personify the whimsical curiosity of Ariel, the wicked elegance of Maleficent, and the spunky mischievousness of Harley Quinn. Finding no greater joy than to see the looks of wonder and amazement on the faces of children at the various events she has donated her to time to, SeaVeela has used her unique blend of performance training to bring these characters to life for a new generation of fans of all things enchanted and fabulous.

SeaVeela’s dedication to her craft, meticulous attention to detail, and elaborate costumes by Designer Daddy are combined with an unsurpassed commitment to character integrity. This has led to her finding her true passion in inspiring kindness, bravery, and hope in princes and princesses of all ages. She looks forward to meeting more members of this incredible community, bonding over shared interests, and building life long friendships – just like the Sailor Squad.

You can keep up with her princessing adventures by following her on Instagram.