Ji-nie – Cosplay Guest of Honour

As a fanatic of all things artistic and creative, Ji-nie turned her love for anime into a passion with cosplay two years ago. With a vast interest in different genres and styles of cartoons, she has a large and frequently updated roster of characters ready to come to life at a moment’s notice. From mech cartoon Voltron: Legendary Defender to cute and bubbly Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, she holds no prejudice over genre. Her adoration for makeup and acting means that cosplay has no boundaries for her – as long as it’s fun, she’s up for the challenge!

Ji-nie loves interacting with her followers via her Instagram page and YouTube channel, and attends many conventions in the GTA to engage with as many people as possible. Being a large advocate for cosplay positivity and encouragement among the community, she loves to get involved and make sure everyone feels as great as they are!

She aims to continue this amazing journey with as much determination and fervor as when she first started, and wishes to inspire anyone with even the smallest interest in cosplay to pursue their passion.