Chibi Lenne – Cosplay Guest of Honour

Erin, or Chibi Lenne (or really just Chibi for short), is a costumer who competes at the Master Level. Her original super hero was She-Ra: Princess of Power, so of course it was no large leap from that to her love of Sailor Moon. Chibi has been cosplaying since before she can even remember, certain that there is a physical photo out there of that time her parents wrapped her in fun fur and called her a tribble.

Her love of sewing was encouraged from a young age, and she has now spent over a decade in the hobby, winning numerous best in show awards from Anime North, FanExpo, and CostumeCon. Now, however, she finds herself wanting to give back to the community – to share the tips and tricks she’s learned along the way, and to be there as a support for those just taking their first steps into the cosplay world, like the support she had when she first entered. Chibi believes that Cosplay is all about having fun, and Cosplay is for everyone.

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Photo by Amanda of Elemental Photography and design.