Bear Sailor Moon – Guest of Honour

He’s big, he’s hairy, and he’s here to right wrongs and triumph over evil. A handsome Bear in a Sailor Suit, It’s Bear Sailor Moon!

We welcome Bear Sailor Moon as returning masquerade director and as a musical guest!

Bear Sailor Moon is a Canadian cosplayer who has been on the Toronto scene for five years.

During this time Bear Sailor Moon has become a local staple and award winner. He has won awards for his distinctive take on the classic anime character including Best In Show for his stunning performance at Fan Expo 2017. A master level cosplayer he is self taught at sewing and climbed the ranks quickly with his performances leaving tens across the board.

Bear Sailor Moon has used his education in theatre and journalism to help him hone his craft. He is know for his hosting and public speaking abilities and has created a fun and engaging character. An alluring host behind the microphone is where he thrives and enjoys hosting masquerades and other events. When he isn’t fighting evil by moonlight he enjoys singing and likes to perform at conventions for all his cub scouts. Bear Sailor Moon will be celebrating his five year anniversary with a star studded show with live performances and guests.

Bear Sailor Moon wants to spread his love for cosplay and being true to yourself all across North America and the world!

To keep up with Bear Sailor Moon’s appearances and cosplay photos, be sure to check out his Facebook page or follow him on Instagram. You should also check out his shiny, new website.