Ammie Cosplay – Guest of Honour

Ammie is a masters level cosplayer recognized internationally, particularly for her Sailor Moon and Harley Quinn cosplays. She has been featured in several cosplay books and various magazines around the world for her costume work and knowledge on costume construction. Ammie believes in sharing the knowledge she has gained through many years of trial and error to help others achieve masters status as well creating their own costumes with the pride of making their own costumes. She enjoys teaching workshops so people can have a hands-on experience in creating aspects of costumes to see how they are made and be taught in the process.

Ammie is a member of the Canadian Garrison 501st and Rebel Legion, an international costuming group for professional Star Wars costumers.

Ammie believes in the benefit of using cosplay as a tool to help those in need whether it be bringing joy to those who are in the hospital or raising awareness and inspiring others who also enjoy cosplay to use it for the good it can do in helping those in need.

Ammie’s motto has always been “If I can do it, anyone can.”