Special Guests

Have a suggestion? Let us know! We are currently reaching out to various voice actors and other possible guests for 2019. We’d love to hear from you whom you’d most like to meet!

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Guests for 2019 – A Celebration of Girl Power in Fandom

Returning this year is one of our favourite original Sailor Scouts – none other than the “electrifying” Susan Roman. The voice of Sailor Jupiter in the original English dub of Sailor Moon, fans may also remember some of Susan’s other roles including Snowy the dog in The Adventures of Tin Tin and Melissa Racoon in The Racoons.

Read more about her here.

Returning for a second year, Illuminair Entertainment is Canada’s go-to source for high-level “cosplay circus” – contemporary circus shows designed by and for fans!

Read more about them here.

He’s big, he’s hairy, and he’s here to right wrongs and triumph over evil. A handsome Bear in a Sailor Suit, it’s Bear Sailor Moon!

We welcome Bear Sailor Moon as returning masquerade director and as a musical guest!

Read more about him here.

Stay Tuned for More Announcements!

Guests for 2018 – Crisis Makeup! Celebrating Sailor Moon and Girl Power