This page will hopefully answer any questions you may have regarding the Pretty Heroes convention (formerly the Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration). If you still have questions, please contact us and we will do our best to help you out.


Where is Pretty Heroes being held?

Pretty Heroes is being held at  the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto, Ontario. Check out our location page for more detailed information and directions.

What are the dates and times for Pretty Heroes?

The event will be open to attendees on Saturday, July 18th and Sunday, July 19th, 2020. We currently planning for 10:30am-9pm on the Saturday and 10:30am-7pm on the Sunday.

Where can I find a schedule of the events and activities?

The 2020 schedule will be released 1-2 months in advance of the event after being finalized with special guests and activity leaders. We will also have printed schedules at the event.

For reference: our 2019 schedule is here, our 2018 schedule is hereour 2017 schedule is here and our 2016 schedule is here.

How much are tickets?

Ticket pricing will be listed on our ticket page. You can also sign up for our attendee mailing list to be notified when ticket sales are open and when early bird and pre-registration will end. Generally tickets start being sold in December/January for the next convention.

How much are children’s tickets?

Children 5 years and under are free. Children 6-11 receive a discount off the current adult ticket price.

Where can I purchase tickets?

Tickets for the convention will be available from our ticket portal until two weeks before the event. After that time, they can be purchased at the door of the event.

We do not make special trips to sell tickets, but they may be made available for in-person sales at our discretion (e.g. at other events). Please watch for announcements of locations where we will have in-person ticket sales available. Upcoming event appearances where you can purchase tickets in cash (or by credit card if service is available) will be listed on our ticket information page, on our Facebook event page, and on our Pretty Heroes Facebook page.

How do I receive my tickets?

Please keep a copy of your receipt/eticket. You will need it for signing in at our registration desk on the day of the event. You may show a printed copy of your receipt/eticket or a copy on an electronic device in order to pick up your badges at registration. We do not mail tickets. All receipts and etickets have unique identification including a QR code and will be cross-referenced at registration so that you can pick up your badge(s).

What is the refund policy?

If you require a refund or downgrade for any reason of early bird and/or pre-registration tickets, the request must be sent in writing no later than June 1st, 2020 for the 2020 event. Exceptions may be made in extenuating circumstances only, at the discretion of the organizer.

Refund and downgrade requests received after the refund deadline will be denied, but you may transfer or resell the pass(es) to someone else at cost. Persons found to be scalping tickets at a profit risk being banned from the event.

All refunds and downgrades are subject to a processing fee of 50%. We recommend reselling or transferring the pass(es) instead. Reselling is only permitted on our Facebook event page if you contact us via email to verify your ticket first.

Anyone found to be sharing their pass with a person who is banned from the convention will have that pass revoked and receive a warning. To re-enter the convention space after a pass has been revoked for being used by a banned person, you will need to purchase a new pass. No exceptions.

At door ticket sales are NOT REFUNDABLE.

What is the Code of Conduct?

All persons participating in the event are expected to be civil to other attendees. Harassment (including bullying) and assault are not tolerated and should be reported immediately to event staff (identifiable by their uniform) in person or by contacting the chair via email at [email protected] If the concern is with a staff member or guest, please ask to speak with the operations manager or chair. Any staff member with a radio/walkie can call the operations manager or chair to come to you.

The operations manager and chair are responsible for assessing complaints of harassment/assault and determining a course of action. Examples of unacceptable behaviour include taking photos of event participants in a way that may be considered demeaning (e.g. a panty shot without consent), repeatedly asking someone for personal information that is not needed in order for them to participate in event activities, “glomping” or forcibly hugging someone by surprise, distracting a service animal from performing their duties, attacking another person with a cosplay prop, causing damage to the venue, causing physical harm to another participant (e.g. scrapes, bruises, broken bones), racial slurs, anti-LGBTQ remarks, sexist remarks, or any other behaviour that makes an event participant feel uncomfortable to continue being in event space with the accused.

All complaints will be discussed by upper management of the event, and a course of action could include giving the accused a warning, confiscating their admission and/or removal from event space without a refund, banning from future events, or contacting the police for the most serious cases. The course of action may be carried out by a staff member appointed by upper management or by upper management directly.

The safety of all event participants is one of our highest priorities. Please do not block access to doorways or create congestion in high traffic areas as this could pose a safety issue for yourself and others. There are multiple designated seating areas for people who want some time to relax or in need of a quiet space, we encourage you to use them and are happy to direct you to them if you need help finding them.

Please abide by all Canadian laws while at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre and in event space. Do not bring any illegal items with you into the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. If you have legal restrictions that prohibit you from entering the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre and/or event space, please do not attempt to attend the event as we may be forced to have you escorted out by security or notify the appropriate authorities.

Any person banned from the event will not be permitted to enter event space. If a person banned from the event causes disruption in the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, we reserve the right to request security escort you out of the facility or to contact local authorities.

Disobeying other rules stated on this page may also result in removal without a refund. Anyone who is overly disruptive to the event or participants of the event may be asked to leave or ejected from event space without a refund, at the discretion of upper management. We reserve the right to remove anyone we consider to be too disruptive to the event to participate.

What is the Accessibility Policy?

If you have a disability that requires having an attendant to assist you, the attendant will be admitted free to the convention. Please discuss your request for any accommodations with us in advance via email or be prepared to discuss your request for any accommodations in person to our registration manager or vice chair. We endeavour to accommodate all reasonable requests to the best of our ability. Per Canadian law, we only require details on your requested accommodation and you are not required to specify your disability if you are not comfortable doing so.

The Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre is a fully accessible venue. Participants in Pretty Heroes and the Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration who require the access of elevators can use the elevator near the main entrance to travel between the levels of the event. Attendees are asked to give priority access to participants with mobility aids or strollers. In the event that the elevator is malfunctioning and you need to use an elevator, please request assistance from convention staff so that we may work with the JCCC to rectify the situation as soon as possible or provide an acceptable temporary solution, such as a secondary elevator that is available as a backup in the event the main elevator malfunctions.

The floor plan of the event is designed to be accommodating for mobility aids and strollers used by attendees, please note that some of the depictions on the floor plan may not be exact and select items may be moved as needed to better accommodate for accessibility than shown. Participants using wheelchairs will be able to sit along select aisles in panel rooms and any attendant may use the seat next to them. If you need assistance finding appropriate seating as/for a person with a disability and/or an attendant, please ask our convention crew to help you.

All pathways in the event space should be able to accommodate a minimum of one wheelchair width, depending on how many people are in the general vicinity. If you have difficulty accessing any areas, please request assistance from a member of our convention crew.

Please note that video screenings may include flashing lights. If you are prone to seizures triggered by flashing lights, you may wish to avoid such screenings or at least applicable scenes featuring such effects for your own safety. A warning will be made before applicable screenings start as a precaution. If you have concerns about any of the video screenings, please ask our convention crew for more information.

Please also note that while we may have limited crew members with sign language skills, we do not have any sign language interpreting planned for the event. Please plan accordingly so that you can communicate your needs and enjoy the event. If you require sign language assistance, please request in advance and we will confirm if we will have anyone who might be able to assist at the event. Registration will be equipped with pens and paper for writing any requests as needed.

The Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre also has a selection of accessible parking spaces. Please ensure that you have the appropriate permit displayed to use them.

How do I find the event space?

There will be directional signs leading you to all areas of the event space. Our registration desk will be near the main entrance of the building. Please use the stairs or elevator to travel to the upper level event spaces as needed. Please make sure you get your badge from registration before trying to access event space.

How much is parking?

Parking for anyone attending Pretty Heroes is complimentary at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, however there are limited spaces. If you cannot find a space available, we suggest using a nearby paid parking lot as an alternative. Please exercise caution when crossing the street if parking off-site.

Do guests of honour charge for autographs?

Yes, normally guests of honour do charge a nominal fee for autographs. Autographs are typically $10-$25 depending on the item size and depending on the guest. Some guests may charge approximately $10 for photos as well. Video messages may also be available from guests at their discretion for a fee. Our cosplay guests may have prints and/or costumes available for sale and will be displaying their pricing on their tables at the event.

*Please note that pricing is subject to change at the discretion of the guests.*

Pricing for any other items that the guests of honour will have available for purchase will be clearly displayed at the event.

What is the policy on pets?

Pets are NOT allowed at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. Please leave your pet in the comfort of home or with a trusted caregiver. Only service animals with proper identification are allowed in the building. Please note that the event will be crowded and this could be distressing to some animals as well. We expect all attendees to be respectful of service animals and ask permission to pet them. If you have a service animal and they are not being treated appropriately, please ask our convention crew for assistance.

What is the cosplay policy/dress code?

The Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre is a family friendly space. Cosplay is encouraged at our event, but all cosplay should provide adequate coverage. All areas that should be covered by a bathing suit need to be covered at all times at Pretty Heroes as well as while in the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. If you are not adequately covered, you may be asked to change clothing. No nudity. No thongs. No pasties. No see-through clothing that shows private parts. Bikini tops and speedos are okay but must provide full coverage of private parts and your rear end.

Crew members have additional requirements for their dress code to maintain a professional appearance that is communicated to them by upper management. Some crew may wear cosplay as long as it complies with the dress code and does not interfere with their duties.

What is the policy on cosplay weapons and props?

Cosplay weapons and props are allowed, with some restrictions. The short version: if it could be mistaken for a real weapon or used as a weapon – it is not permitted. No real swords will be allowed, even for a cosplay prop, and will be confiscated. Obviously fake swords used as cosplay props are allowed. Small wooden baseball bats are allowed. No guns (even props) will be permitted. No metal props. Limited metal accessories are permitted as long as they cannot be used as a weapon. Archery bows are allowed but no sharp arrows (suction cup or ball on the end, no metal or wooden tips). If in doubt, please ask us if the item you are thinking of bringing is allowed.

Please note that if you bring any kind of prop or cosplay weapon against the restrictions of the venue that they may be confiscated. People who are found to be using cosplay weapons to fight with other guests may be asked to leave.

Is there a coat/bag check?

We do not currently operate a coat/bag check service. We have limited storage available for convention crew, special guests, and performers only.

Are we allowed to bring alcohol?

No. This is an alcohol free event. Anyone found to have brought in alcohol will be escorted out of the event without a refund, have their badge revoked, and be reported to Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre staff.

Are there any food restrictions?

Outside food is allowed within the event space for personal consumption. We may implement minor restrictions due to allergy concerns on an as-needed basis to protect our guests and crew. Any allergy restrictions that we may have will be clearly posted at all entry points to the event. If you are bringing an item to eat that goes against the allergy policy, please enjoy it outside of event space and wash your hands before interacting with any event participants.

Is there any food available on site/nearby?

We will have a designated food service area with a selection of food and beverages available on site for purchase. If you are interested in selling food at the event, please submit an application to be a dealer. All food dealers must have liability insurance naming the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre as secondary insured and complete Toronto Public Health form to be submitted to the organizer a minimum of one month before the event.

There are a number of restaurants outside the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, many within a short walking distance. There is also a grocery store (Superstore) at Don Mills and Eglinton avenue. Additional food options are available in a short driving distance. We recommend using Google Maps to search nearby for food options that will suit your needs.

What is the policy for photography?

You can take photos and video in general, but you can’t have a dedicated space in our event area unless you pay for exhibitor space. You also cannot be charging people for photos in our event space without being set up as a dealer, paying for our pro photographer add-on (which functions as a permit), or otherwise acquiring special permission from the event organizer. We reserve the right to charge photographers a fee or revoke their badge if they are charging for photo shoots in event space.
Our guests may have some restrictions for photography and video, which will be stated as they apply (e.g. no videos of demos without the permission of the person doing the demo, no flash photography during any concert/performance type events for safety reasons, no video during concerts without express approval). Generally our guests are all fine with photos and videos being taken unless otherwise stated.
Any photos you take cannot interfere with traffic flow or general enjoyment of attendees. Always ask permission for taking pictures of children, and it’s usually a good idea to ask permission for anything but crowd shots so that you get better pictures.
Per Canadian law, please also note that you cannot sell photos of people at the event without their express permission.
Outside the event space, please make sure you abide by any rules of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. Large photography equipment is not permitted in the event space except in a designated exhibitor booth. Please do not bring large photography equipment such as lights to set up in event space or in the outdoor property of the event. Anyone found to be using large photography equipment in the outdoor garden or patio will be asked to leave.