Our Dealers for 2019 Are:

Business Name Booth Type Booth Number
Moshimo 10×10 B1
Chop Shop Goods 10×10 B2
Goddess Boutique 10×10 B3
Nomad Posters 10×10 B4
Littlest Gift Boutique 10×10 B5
Maho*Girls 10×10 B6
Spray Paint Art by Nathan Salmon 10×10 B7
HartRidge 10×10 B8
Sweet Nutritionista Exhibitor E1 Exhibitor E2-E3
Azure Comics Exhibitor E4
LiquidRuby Exhibitor E5
Ivadell Productions Jewellery Exhibitor E6
Sugarbones Exhibitor E7
Space Queen Studio Exhibitor E8
100plush Exhibitor E9
Momoiro Market Exhibitor E10
Sweet Kiwi Design Exhibitor E11
Colourfy Me Exhibitor E12
Shirayukinikki & The Anime Cave Exhibitor E13
Icy Bear Art Exhibitor E14
The Comic Warehouse Exhibitor E15
Fuzzy Igloo Exhibitor E16
Missy Rabbit Exhibitor E17
Dyskami Publishing Exhibitor E18
Maker Bean Sponsor Hosaki Room
I’m A Wonder Indie Vendor A1
arisa-chibara Indie Vendor A2
Plushiie Indie Vendor A3
Morbidprince Indie Vendor A4
TBA Indie Vendor A5-1
Bath Bunny Indie Vendor A5-2
Samoo Art Indie Vendor A6-1
RAWMEN DOODLES Indie Vendor A6-2
Anime Goods from Japan Indie Vendor A7
inomnom Indie Vendor A8
Eevachu Indie Vendor A9
Notwhatnot Indie Vendor A10
Shogunshell (formerly sleepyshmrao) Indie Vendor A11
Nixax Indie Vendor A12
You As A Magical Girl Indie Vendor A13
Jushmu Indie Vendor A14
Arcasian Indie Vendor A15
Chained Creativity Indie Vendor A16
Curoie Indie Vendor A17
Geekto Studios Indie Vendor A18
Con-Quest Crafts Indie Vendor A19
Noelle Anne Navarrete Indie Vendor A20
Art by Angela Indie Vendor A21
Vivian Mercury Indie Vendor A22-1
Rainbow Jewels and Art Indie Vendor A22-2
Brbianca Illustration Indie Vendor A23
Geekilicious Indie Vendor A24
Cjartcanada Indie Vendor A25
Celestial Fox Indie Vendor A26
Cheeky Cute Boutique Indie Vendor A27-1
Mega Coven Creations Indie Vendor A27-2
michiiyuki Indie Vendor A28
Magical Girl Workshop Indie Vendor A29
Indie Vendor A30-A31
Kitten Stitches Indie Vendor A32
Lily Xia Designs Indie Vendor A33
CaptainPiika Indie Vendor A34
GoreJessFlair Indie Vendor A35
Little Paper Forest Indie Vendor A36
OPP Community C1
Anime North Community C2
Unplugged Expo/Cosplay Matsuri Community C3
Anime Shogatsu Community C4
Kimikon Community C5
Fan World Community C6
Cosplay for a Cure Community B9

Dealer Reservations

For all dealer applicants, please note that we may need to see sample images or links to confirm that your items and/or services will be of interest to our attendees. Exhibitors and Vendors are strongly encouraged to sell items that may be of interest to attendees of the event including Sailor Moon items, anime items, cute items, “girly” items, and items featuring inspirational female characters/persons. While you do not need to have all of your items fit the theme of the event, our attendees expect a curated shopping experience and sales tend to be more favourable for vendors and exhibitors who have items that are on theme. We also recommend that if you have been a dealer at our events previously that you add some new items each time you have a dealer space to encourage repeat customers.

*This is a family friendly event! If you have any artwork with mature themes, please keep it concealed from the public and only show to specific patrons of an appropriate age on request*

Please make sure you mark [email protected] and [email protected] as safe senders as correspondence and confirmations may be sent from either address.

Here is our floor plan from 2019 for reference.

Our updated floor plan for 2020 will be released when applications for 2020 are opened in late 2019.

Please reference the table/booth numbers when choosing your table/booth location. The floor plan will be a PDF file located on dropbox. If you have problems viewing, please try again or download to view instead of viewing in browser.

Weekend Dealer Space Pricing for 2019 [For Reference Only – Prices Will Increase for 2020]:

Independent Vendor Tables – $160 full table, $80 half table [SOLD OUT]

  • 6′ table, in 6′ x 5′ space
  • half table includes one badge, full table includes two badges
  • Located in the artist alley/ indie vendors section

Exhibitor Tables – $250 each [SOLD OUT]

  • 8′ table in 8′ x 5′ space
  • includes two badges
  • higher traffic area
  • If purchasing multiple but don’t need all the badges, please discuss details before receiving your invoice

10′ x 10′ booth (or equivalent) – $360 [SOLD OUT]

  • includes one 8′ table
  • includes two badges
  • higher traffic area

GST is extra for all tables and booths.

Sponsorships are also available! Please email us to inquire about sponsorship opportunities for up to both days of the convention to promote your business/organization.

Community/display tables are available on request for other GTHA conventions, non-profits, and charitable organizations. Requests for display table spaces will be reviewed on a case by case basis as we have limited space and priority is given to organizations that align with the convention theme. Anyone who requests a community table and does not show up to claim their space without notice will be ineligible for community space in future.

Additional dealer badges will also be available for purchase on request. We reserve the right to limit extra dealer badges available for purchase as we see fit.

Rules for Dealers

  • Professional businesses are not eligible for Independent Vendor space. We will notify you if you are only eligible for Exhibitor space.
  • We are a curated event. All persons directly selling must be approved by the convention chair and/or dealer relations. Any person who sells their wares under another applicant’s approval without pre-authorization is subject to removal at the discretion of dealer relations.
  • Any person with a dealer badge must divulge whom they are associated with if asked by any member of convention crew. Not disclosing who the approved contact/group you are associated with puts you at risk for having your badge revoked.
  • Parking is complimentary at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, but there are limited spaces. If you cannot find a space, we recommend investigating the paid parking lots nearby.
  • Electrical is extra. The cost is $20 per day plus GST. All electrical requests must be made in advance to guarantee hookups. Additional hookups requested late will only be added at the discretion of the venue.
  • Please do not bring in additional tables or chairs without requesting clearance in advance. We reserve the right to ask for them to be removed and/or charge additional fees for them at our discretion. If you have any concerns about this, please email for more details.
  • Additional structures are permitted, but they must be secured within your space at all times. Structures may not block access to any other dealers, walkways, or doors. Structures may only have the support base extend approximately 6″ per side from your allotted space and display can only be a maximum of the width of your allotted display space.
  • Displays can be a maximum of 9 feet in height. Taller displays will have to be reduced in height or removed if they cannot be lowered.
  • All food vendors require liability insurance and must complete a Toronto Public Health form, to be submitted to the organizer a minimum of one month before the event. Access to a walk-in fridge is available for food vendors. Please ask for more details about being a food vendor if interested.
  • Weapons are NOT allowed to be sold or displayed at Pretty Heroes. If you express intent to sell any weapons, your application will be denied. Any dealers found to be selling or displaying weapons at the event risk losing their space without a refund. Weapon props are permitted, please ask for details.
  • Bootleg policy: knock offs of currently available official items (released in approximately the last 5 years, or since 2012 for Sailor Moon merchandise) will not be permitted. Bootleg violations can be reported anonymously to staff members. *Note that this excludes hand made items that are noticeably different*
  • Setup and dismantle times and details will be confirmed via email to confirmed dealers. Drop off will be available on the Friday, but setup may only permitted on the Saturday and Sunday mornings at the discretion of the venue. If you require special access outside of drop off and setup times, please contact us and we can coordinate with the venue to accommodate as best as we can.
  • Payment is accepted via Paypal or etransfer online; cash or credit (Square) in person. Please note that online payments may have the name “Emily Gonsalves” written on them as the business (Pretty Heroes Events) is registered under her name.
  • Your receipt will be required for check-in, please bring either a printed or digital copy with you to registration. If you misplace this, please be prepared to show ID to verify your identity.

Reservations Are Currently Closed

Please sign up for our mailing list if you would like to be notified when applications open.

Refund policy: if you require a refund for any reason, there will be a processing fee incurred. Refunds must be requested a minimum of 4 weeks before the event date so that we have time to re-assign the space.

We make an effort to respond to all inquiries aside from mailing list sign up requests within seven days. Closer to the event, we will be responding more frequently. If you don’t get a response at this time within seven days, please e-mail us to follow up. Please wait seven days before sending a follow up if you haven’t received a response. Sending in multiple reservation requests within the same day is not necessary and will slow down our response to you as we need to cross-reference details before replying. Reservations will only be accepted via email or in person. Please do not send messages on social media to try to reserve space or send questions about dealer space as they can be too easily missed. We no longer respond to dealer questions sent via private message on social media except to direct you back to this page.

Please also note that if space runs out for 2020, you will be contacted for 2021 before space opens to the public. Please make sure to check your spam as we use a mailing service and it may not appear in your inbox.