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Guest Announcements for 2022

We are currently in the process of reconfirming guests for 2022. Please stay tuned.

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Ticket Sales for 2022 Are Open!
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You can buy your tickets and pre-order merchandise online. Shipping options for custom T-shirts, coasters, and stickers to be added at a later date. Shipping can also be requested by emailing us for a shipping quote.

You can also buy your tickets from us in person at select in-person events. Please stay tuned to our social media for updates on in-person ticket buying options.

Thank you for joining us in July 2019 at our new venue, the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre!

We are proud to announce that we raised $714 from our charity auction for Sistering, supported by an additional $100 donation by Pretty Heroes.

We first started as the Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration. Now we’re continuing our journey to incorporate even more girl power to meet the demands of fans in Toronto and Canada. We are the first (and currently only) girl power fandom convention in Canada.

Our convention name is a nod to our roots as a Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon convention. We also interpret “pretty” in a myriad of ways that are not restrictive to physical appearance; including the beauty of spirit, mind, and compassion that we see in many inspirational female characters and real-life inspirational females.

We want to encourage everyone to pursue their dreams and define what being a hero means for them. If you enjoy narratives featuring strong female characters – you will find a positive, welcoming space at our events.

More information about our events from 2015-2017 are available at SailorMoonCelebration.com

Check out the official Pretty Heroes page on Facebook and our official event page on Facebook for the latest updates including guest announcements and ongoing appearances where you can meet our team!

We hope to see you at our next convention at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre!

This event is focused on strong female characters, the characters who support them, and real-life inspirational women because
Every Girl Can Be a Hero.

Please refer to this website and our announcements on our official social media pages for updates regarding our convention. Please note we cannot always respond to social media direct messages for items that will be announced soon if it may delay our announcements.